School Podcasting

Long time radio veteran Susan Brender and 30-year education veteran Marc Hoberman have partnered to create school podcasts to keep students, school staff, parents, and the community informed. Together, they teach students how to research guests, create interview questions, and produce cutting edge podcasts. The goal is for students to learn to work together as they acquire new skills. The podcasts are created by the students and can be played in class, on school announcements, and uploaded to the school and district's websites to better inform and entertain the entire community. From writing and reading to interviewing and finalizing the podcast, students will learn how to create and present a professional podcast.

Lighting the Educational Flame Podcast Training with Susan Brender and Educational Expert Marc Hoberman

A unique 6 Session Impact Training Course integrating the latest cutting-edge podcasting techniques with authentic, often common sense ways of communicating messages. In other words: Getting people up to speed with what they really want to say, in the most effective, current and high tech ways of saying it.


a. describing what a podcast is and why it is the wave of the future.

b. discussing who the audience is for the teens, 

c. what is the purpose of this interview; is it to provide education, entertainment, etc.

d. is the main purpose to educate the audience about specific subjects??

e. get opinions of the guests about why (if there is a book) it is important to read their book.

f. is the podcast live or recorded and/or writing questions that apply to the subject.


a. researching the subject and who, what the guest is all about. 

b. choosing excerpts from the guests book or article, etc.

c. are the guests experts on a specific subject, and if so, teaching the students what the most important points to be discussed apropos of the subject matter.


a. how to write powerful questions, relative to the guests expertise.

b. how to handle controversial subjects.

c. how to get guests.

d. talk to the guest and see whether they want to discuss the subject in general or take a particular stand/bias on a subject such as lyrics to songs, political subjects, such as immigration, abortion, the environment (climate change,) etc.


a. going over technical issues such as editing, sound quality, how to access free conference call.

b.  how to make the podcast known, using social media platforms, newspapers, books; writing articles about the show and contacting local newspapers, and, the media.


a. rehearsing a real time podcast

b. actually put into practice all the elements discussed above with a produced podcast

*Session-6: Marc Hoberman will discuss how to write powerful interview questions and create interest in the school and community to highlight your school. Students will learn how to highlight sports, academic, and other extracurricular activities on their podcast.


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